轉變與校準的時刻就要來臨 By Siraya thru Johan
The Changing and Correcting Time is Upon You
Sep 24, 2012 - 11:30:09 PM

I AM Siraya,

Representative of Creator Source To Orvonton.

It is my honour and pleasure to bring greetings from the Almighty One I represent and announce that you on Earth are now entering upon the intensifying events, ushering in the 3 Dark Days and all else following, that you have been foretold. As decided by many, it is time for your Mother Earth to turn the corner and start her recovering road to Ascension, to Light and Live.

You received the updates, the info about the incoming energies that are INTENSE and serve to cleanse, to distinguish what and who can join this planet on her path to Galactic Union as Is her Birthright, and what or who is not ready to do so at all.

Also your elements will INTENSIFY, all life forms will intensify without exception. That means, after many warnings and advise to take care of yourself in optimum way, you surely have to be reasonable and kind to your own body that will tell you it is under serious influence of those energies. Listen to your body and communicate with it, it is no stranger to you. Your Lower Self and your Higher Self are connected and while you walk your Mother Earth, learn to balance the two since Unity and Balance and Harmony are most important for you and all now.

Your Sovereign, Christ Michael of Nebadon will now see come into fruitition the results of his Unique approach in an Epic Battle that will position those who stood with Him for future progression, the like you have not seen. All have been given the same chances, Few have accepted, and although some are to change their minds due to this Intentifying Display of Divine Energies and Events you entered upon, they will be given opportunity to proof they mean their change of heart and will equally land where they deserve, so will you.

Your road to Divine Service is just opening up, after many blockades and diversions of those who thought they controled the way. They did not understand YOU ARE THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE ETERNAL LIVE, if Connected with the Divine. It was a very important advise that sounded : '' Seek yeah first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all those things needed for your Eternal Survival shall be added unto you. '' , and NOW THAT THE CLEANSING IS UPON YOU, it will become crystal clear what the difference will bring or result into.

Many tears will flow, some of sorrow and some of joy. For those whose hearts will rejoice a time of prosperity in Love and Companionship and Knowledge and Divine Union is starting. It will take work and joint efforts, but the heart will never ache again, like you suffered the oppression of darkness too long. That is mainly the work of Your Sovereign who Skillfully and Masterly out-maneuvered the adversary by never giving up and giving in to their relentless barrages of attacks and dirty tricks, Yet still showing Divine Mercy at all time. For eons of time to come, will this Epic Battle that started with rebellion but was ended by Your Creator Son Christ Michael, be the topic of many discussions as few had the vision and courage He displayed so wonderfully well.

Time is of great concern to you, since ' time is money and money is god ' in your society, but time means nothing where not having things done as fast as possible but as Good and Perfect as Possible and toward the benefit and Highest Divine Purpose of ALL involved, is the standard. That is the vista you are entering upon, and remembering THIS EXPERIENCE YOU ARE PART OF NOW, will give you much headway in your own Creations one day.

Rejoice, Rejoice my Beloveds, for this Changing and Correcting time IS UPON YOU.

Greeting You Warmly and Sincerely, I AM SIRAYA, In Divine Service to Creator Source.

Love and Light,

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